General Islamic Principles

Everybody comes to a point in life when we feel like we don't understand how to go forward in life, there are times when you feel like you really need Allah to show you the way; you feel like you desperately need Allah's blessings. If this is the case, then simply go ahead and enroll yourself into a Muslim mentor's community; where Islamic Mentoring activities are carried out. An Islamic community helps you understand and how to incorporate general Islamic principles into our daily lives.

"Jazakumllahu khayran for all the Quran tafsir you sent to my email throughout the period of fasting in the month of Ramadan, may..." Tubai Rashidat

"\"Assalamu Alaikum. I think is a wonderful idea. May Allah reward you all. I\'ve sent requests for sisters to join my circle. How..." Sadiya AbdurRahman, Nigeria

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Why waste time going to classroom language class? Learn to speak any language...

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