The privacy policy states how clear terms for the different obligations and requirements of privacy concerning the users and the owners of the website. It outlines how the information in the website may be used. It also states how the website stores and protects user’s information. All the policies of the website relating to the user, site owners and information are detailed within this policy.



The Website.

The rights of Rafeeqee's user, mentors and Mentees are important for the usage of the website. These rights include all the interested individuals or organizations that use Rafeeqee. By using Rafeeqee, you agree to the terms and conditions as stated in this privacy policy. We value all of our users and respect their privacy. The information you provide on this website are collected and stored on our server for the sole purpose of running and maintaining the website.


Acknowledgements of Organizations and Mentors.

As an Organization and a Mentor, I acknowledge to;

Use the Quran(Authentic), Hadiths (Authentic) and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as my guide.

Segregate males and Females from mentoring each other.

Assign people that are knowledgeable of the Holy Quran (Authentic), Hadiths (Authentic) and follow the Sunnah of ProphetMuhammad (peace be upon him). Mentor must also have excellent moral conducts.

Instruct Mentors to not fight with mentees, instead they can release them as their mentee. Mentors can discontinue mentoring a mentee if they feel that there is no cordial relationship and all possible actions have been taken to make the mentor mentoring relationship works.

Instruct Mentors that they are responsible for their actions, serves as a platform for mentoring.  Mentors are solely responsible for their actions on or outside of’s website.

Communicate with mentees on frequently.

Discontinue being a Mentor if your actions and positions in Life changes and you feel you ought to be mentored yourself.


Information shared by Mentors, Mentees and Organization.

The user shall acknowledge that when using Rafeeqee, he or she will abide by the rules and regulations of Rafeeqee and provide mentoring and guidance based on the Holy Quran and the Sunna of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). He/she can access Rafeeqee only if he/she is authorized to use the website. He/she shall be respectful towards mentors, mentees, organization, and all the users of the group. The website will not tolerate the use of any kind of foul language, criticism or bullying any user of the group.  The Islamic religious book and values shall not be tampered or misquoted. The holy Quran, Hadiths, and other Islamic books shall be respected and handled to the highest honor on Rafeeqee. Advertisement, comments, images that do not adhere to the principles of the holy Quran will not be tolerated on Rafeeqee. Similarly, Islamic principles on hate, indecent words, images, violence, and speech shall be prohibited. Every moral value prescribed in the holy Quran is strictly followed on Rafeeqee.




User, Age, account settings, and usability policy.

An individual who wishes to become an authorized user of Rafeeqee must be about 13 years at least.  However, the users between the ages of 13 and 16 are required to provide parental consent before using Rafeeqee. Only one Rafeeqee account is allowed per user/ individual, or organization. If a multiple user account is required to open, a written approval should be submitted. All personal data (names, address, email, references,) must be valid and belongs to the person or organization opening the account. Any user or organization that provides fraudulent data will be banned from using Rafeeqee. No individual or organization shall provide false names, addresses, email address, age and phone numbers to Rafeeqee. No individual or organization shall open an account for a minor or an unauthorized user. No user or organization shall afflict malicious codes attack on Rafeeqee.



Use of Cookie makes use of cookies to better user experience. Wherever necessary the website uses a cookie control system that allows the user to allow or disallow cookies on their device the use of cookies on their first visit to the website. The use of cookies complies with the latest legislation that seeks the user’s consent for leaving behind or reading existing cookies on the user’s device.

As a part of its initiative to better user experience the website shall use tracking software to monitor user behavior. The software used by the website is provided by Google Analytics that uses cookies to track visitor usage on the website. This software saves cookies on your hard drive to track your engagement with the website. But this doesn’t store, save or collect personal information from the hard drive. For more information you can go through Google’s privacy policy [].


Contact & Communication.

The website and its owners reserve the right to use the information provided by the user to offer further information about products/ services that the site has to offer and also assist you with the queries that you have submitted. This right also includes the right to subscribe you to email newsletter programs that the website offers. Such subscriptions are offered only if you are informed of the same or your permission was granted while submitting the forms. This also includes users who had in the past purchased or enquired about any product or service that the newsletter relates to. This however isn’t the complete list of rights in receiving email marketing materials. The website by no means will pass on your personal information to any third-party.

The website offers an email newsletter that is used to keep the past and the present users of the products and services that the website offers. A user can easily subscribe to a newsletter using an online automated process. Any user doing so shall be doing this under at his/her own discretion. The website might also process some subscriptions manually though this is done after obtaining prior permission in terms of an agreement with the user.

The purpose of this tracking is to refine future email campaigns and offer the users more relevant content based on their behavior.

The website and its owners have exercised every bit of caution to include quality, safe and relevant external links. The users are still advised to exercise caution before clicking on any external link mentioned in the website. The website or its owners haven’t verified the contents or any externally linked website despite their best efforts and hence don’t guarantee the safety and security. Users should therefore click on such links at their own risk. Under no circumstances can the website or its owners be held liable for any damages caused to the users by visiting these external links.

Adverts and Sponsored Links.

Social Media Platforms.

Users are thus advised to exercise caution with regard to their privacy while using these social media platforms to communicate or engage with the website and other users. The website or its owners never ask for information that is or personal or sensitive nature through social media platforms. They encourage users to contact them with primary communication channel such as email or phone when the user needs to discuss any sensitive issue.


Shortened Links in Social Media.

All users are requested to exercise caution and use their discretionary power before clicking on any of the shortened links published on the social media platforms by the website or its owners. While every effort is made to publish genuine URLs these platforms are prone to spamming and hacking and thus the website or its owners are not liable for any damages caused to the user by visiting the shortened URLs. 

Changes made in this privacy policy will be posted on social media site. You may cease the use of the site at that time. However, if you agree to use the website in spite of receiving a notice mentioning the changes made in the privacy policies of the website; it means you have agreed with the new terms.


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