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Islamic Perspective of Debt

Islamic Perspective of Debt Many Muslims in today’s materialistic world are unaware of the implications of debt and how crucial it is, as an issue in Islam. Despite the obvious negative social and economic implications of debt in our society today, many Muslims still find comfort in living off credit, incurring debt to drown themselves […]

Being a Good Muslim Neighbor

Being a good muslim Nieghbor

BEING A GOOD MUSLIM NEIGHBOUR One of the qualities of a good Muslim is to be kind to their neighbour irrespective of their race, tribe or religion. Your neighbour is the one whose house is next to yours by 40 units across all axis north, south, east, west. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) urged his companions […]

Ikhlas: The Importance of Sincerity in our Actions

Ikhlas: The Importance of Sincerity in Our Actions In Islam, any action devoid of sincerity is null and void. It has to be done solely for the sake of Allah, be in line with the prophetic methodology and upon the understanding of the righteous predecessors. This statement means three simple things: All acts of worship do […]