A General Islamic Principle: Do You Still Remember The Coming of these 30 People?

As we have been talkng about some general islamic principle, how wish to let you remember the prophecy on the coming of 30 FALSEE messiahs (Dajjals). Here is an old link to the youtube page of A LIAR WHO CLAIMS TO BE THE SECOND COMING OF PROPHET Eesa (Jesus) (upon him be peace), and please share this news with your friends and other Muslims SO OTHER FALSE MADHI LIKE HIM DONT SPREAD THEIR LIES!

NEARING THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT 30 or so liars (and probably a lot more, less noticed liars) will claim to be divinely guided and they are either lying or mental or both and have fallen into shaytan’s control !

The Day of Reckoning will not take place until the sending of some 30 liars, each of whom claims to be the messenger of Allah. (Tirmizi 43; Abu Dawud:16)

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