Hello, my name is AbdulAzeez G and I am 100 years old

My name is AbdulAzeez G, I was born on the 9th April 1920. I’m 100years old. I was a tailor. I lost my wife 5 years ago(2005). I had 8 children but lost 6 and presently I’m left with 2 children. I’m living with one of my child the youngest in an uncompleted building in kaduna (No 9 Jummai Dan Maida street mahuta, eye centre.
My 2 children don’t have enough money to carter for them self and me as well due to financial constrain. It hasn’t been easy for me, no financial support, feeding is also difficult

My birthday is in Apr

Medical Doctor

English and Hausa

I've waited 39 days for a sponsor