Hello, my name is Already Sponsored and I am 12 years old

My name is Aisha M, I am 14yrs old .My  Father died about  8yrs back ,I was told my  mum died 14yrs ago after she gave birth to me ,she died three days after she gave birth to me..So my  mum’s Sister who gave birth too ,two days before my mum  ,but lost her baby ,so she my mum’s sister took me and  breastfed me and brought me  with all love and care .
I attend Yelwa secondary school in jimeta ,I am in JSS 2 ,and I also attend islamiyya at Othman ibn Affan academy in jimeta .But my caretaker is finding it had to pay for my school fees and other needs because she has aged and only sells awara for a living ,I love to read hard I will like to become a medical Doctor in d future

My birthday is in Jan



I've waited 690 days for a sponsor