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The Secret to Long Life and Prosperity is in Maintaining Family Ties

Maintaining family ties

The Secret to Long Life and Prosperity is in Maintaining Family Ties A lot has been said and written about the ties of kinship. It is a topic that cannot be over-flogged. It is the nature of man to always expect reciprocity in all actions and relationships. However, when it comes to kinship, it is […]


mindfulness and intention

  It is not news that the primary source that guides and shapes our lives is our inclination. On a closer look, our inclination is connected to our intention. From our understanding of our Deen and human behavior, our Intention is the root of all actions; it is the root of why we do anything, […]

The Wonders in The Affairs Of Believers

The Wonders In The Affairs Of Believers When we look at our lives or the stories of people from the past, it seems to be that problems never seem to stop. The trials and tribulations make it appears that the affairs of true believers are not free from upheavals hence there is a need to […]

Piety and a Contented Soul

Piety and Contentment

Piety and a Contented Soul Taqwa is the Islamic word that connotes “Piety, Mindfulness and God Consciousness.”  Piety is the root of Islam. That is, being mindful and conscious of our actions which in turn depicts us as better Muslims. When a person fears Allah, he or she would be cautious of not committing sins. […]

Ingratitude: A Forbidden Trait for the Believers

Ingratitude: A Forbidden Trait for the Believers Gratitude is one of the noble characteristics of the believers. Its benefits cut across different aspects of our lives! Depressed people are often advised to be grateful and focus more on what they have in life. Apart from the fact that Allah promised to continue to increase his […]

The Six Fortresses You Need to Weather the Storm

The rise in unrest and insurgency in many parts of the world is on the increase every day. From suicide bombing to missiles and Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world has been thrown into turmoil. This has not only affected peoples’ standard of living and quality of lives negatively, but also shatterd their dreams, hopes and […]