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Beware of Your Heart

Beware of Your intelect

CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE HEART AND INTELLECT IN THE PERIOD OF CRISIS As humans, we find it easier to assess things in our realm. This is done using our intellectual ability and the assessment can either be for or against us.  You may wonder how our reasoning can be against us. But if we take a […]

The Fitnah of Our Time

The fitnah of our time

  Seeking knowledge and applying it has been the bedrock of scholarship and leadership throug out Islamic history. All the prophets of Allah, the rightly guided caliphates and other leaders that came after them benefitted the ummah with their knowledge and practice of the Deen. However, like an elephant in the room, our Ummah has […]



RAMADAN: THE WISDOM BEHIND FASTING IN THE BLESSED MONTH The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Quran is a period that Muslims welcome with ecstasy across the globe. While the significance of this time cannot be overemphasized, the rewards that come with it are just too enormous. Ramadan is synonymous with fasting followed […]


RAMADAN AS A TOOL FOR DISCIPLINING THE SOUL Alhamdulilaahi Robil Al’amin; It feels like yesterday when we were all anxious about how we would survive Ramadan in isolation but Allah’s plan prevailed. This Month of Mercy will be gracing us in a few days and we pray that Almighty Allah grants us the opportunity to […]

Islamic Perspective of Debt

Islamic Perspective of Debt Many Muslims in today’s materialistic world are unaware of the implications of debt and how crucial it is, as an issue in Islam. Despite the obvious negative social and economic implications of debt in our society today, many Muslims still find comfort in living off credit, incurring debt to drown themselves […]

Forgiveness and Mercy

FORGIVENESS AND MERCY . Have we ever wondered why Allah’s beautiful names started with Mercy: Ar-Rahman (The Most Merciful) and Ar-Raheem (The Most Compassionate)? Also, have we really pondered on why Allah described how forgiving He is with His Four Beautiful names? Al- Gaffar (The Forgiving) Al-Gaffur (The Forgiver) Al-Afuwwu (The Pardoner) Al-Tawwab (The Accepter […]