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General Islamic Principles: Please Note!

In Islaam, there is no such thing as a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. You are either married or you are not. This is what we Muslim children should know at the early stage. Parents should not wait for their children to come to them when they are teenagers to ask about girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. At this late stage, […]

Eight Sure Tips To Avoid Zina (Fornication)

1. Women should always use their hijab outside the home and in the presence of non-mahram men. She should cover herself properly and not expose her beauty. 2 Men should always lower their gaze whenever they are outside. It protects us from Zina of eyes. 3 Avoid unnecessary free mixing on different events. 4. Women […]

You Brother and Sex [Must Read&Share]!

One of the reasons why men get married is because of sex, and most men make serious mistakes right in the beginning, which cause the greatest blows to their marital relationship. Muslim men should fear Allaah regarding how they handle their wives during intimacy. Here is an Hadith narrated Jabir Bin Abdullah [may Allaah be […]

Nullifies of Islaam: Sihr (magic or witchcraft)

AMONG THINGS THAT CAN NULLIFY ONE’S ISLAAM Sihr (magic or witchcraft) Whoever does that or approves of it is a disbeliever. The evidence for that is the verse in which Allaah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning): “Neither of these two (angels) taught anyone (such things) till they had said, ‘We are […]