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Being a Good Muslim Neighbor

Being a good muslim Nieghbor

BEING A GOOD MUSLIM NEIGHBOUR One of the qualities of a good Muslim is to be kind to their neighbour irrespective of their race, tribe or religion. Your neighbour is the one whose house is next to yours by 40 units across all axis north, south, east, west. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) urged his companions […]

Why Islam Holds You To a High Moral Standard

Verily, you are upon great moral character  — Qur’an 68[Al-Qalam]:4 The majority of challenges facing the world today can be traced back to one single thing — moral standards. From corruption to murder, every criminal activity stems from a lack of values and inappropriately build characters. A man who steals doesn’t think he’s harming his brother while he’s […]

What Should A Muslim Do When Faced With Problems?

“This Alfa or Sheu can solve my problem…Let me meet him for help. In fact, he has helped many” That kind of mindset is not uncommon among Muslims of nowadays. Some people believe that other people are able to bestow mercy, forgive sins, overlook bad deeds, and give blessings the same way only Allaah can. […]

General Islamic Principle: Important Observation Muslim Women

Assalaamualykum dear reader, The questions and answers below are from the general Islamic principle which all Muslim women must know and note as regards their five daily prayers. Kindly remember to share with friends and family. Is it Permissible for a Woman to Pray Without Socks or With a Short Garment? Questioner: Our teacher, many […]

A General Islamic Principle: WHY MUSLIMS GIRLS WEARS THE HIJAAB [MustREAD!]…

This sister has summarized to one of the general Islamic principle which is the reasons for every Muslim sister to wear the hijaab as prescribed in the Qur’aan and authentic narrations. The reasons for hijab she gave are as follows: 1. It is a commandment of Allaah, the creator. 2. It is what constitute […]