Doors of Hell-Fire

By Ibn Qayyim al-jawziyyah
The people will enter hell-fire through three doors:
1. The door of doubt, from having doubts in the Deen (religion) of Allah.
2. The door of desires, from putting desires ahead of the obedience and pleasure of Allah.
3. The door of anger, from hatred and enmity to the creation.
There are three foundations to sins:
1. Arrogance, which led to the end of Satan.
2. Greediness, which took Adam alayhi as-salaam (peace be upon him) out of Jannah (paradise).
3. Envy, which let to one of the son’s of Adam (as) killing his brother.
So whoever is saved from the evil of these three, then he has been saved from all evil – as disbelieving in Allah (swt) is from arrogance, as sinning is from greediness, and injustice and enmity is from envy.q”

May Allaah save of from the doors of hell-fire. Aameen
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