General Islamic Principle: Steps On How To Become A Better Muslim

Being a better Muslim means adhering to the rulings of Islaam, one of the most important of which is salaah (prayer), which is the “pillar of the religion” and is the first thing for which a person will be questioned about when he is brought to account on the Day of Resurrection. Prayer is the covenant that distinguishes the believers from the kaafirs, and whoever neglects a prayer is committing an act of kufr.

daughterTherefore becoming a better Muslim require praying your five daily prayers regularly on time, and not miss any of the prayers.

We should also check yourself, in obedience to the words of Allaah (interpretation of the meaning):

“O you who believe! Fear Allaah and keep your duty to Him. And let every person look to

what he has sent forth for the morrow, and fear Allaah…” [al-Hashr 59:18]

Allaah also commands us to check ourselves. So look and see what you have sent forth

for the after-life in the way of good deeds and abstaining from evil deeds.

So we need to look at what we have prepared in the way of good deeds and try to do more of them and be sincere in doing them. Give up sin, for it is the worst thing that one can prepare for that great day- the day of Judgement.
And lastly ion this islamic mentoring activities, we should always remember to make du’aa’ and ask Allaah to always guide us to the Straight Path and help us to remain steadfast in it. Below are the five conditions to achieve Istiqamah (steadfastness in performing required deeds) as explained by al-Immam Ibn al-Qayyim:
1. The act should be done for the sake of Allah alone (ikhlas).
2. It should be done on the basis of knowledge (‘ilm).
3. Performing ibadah should be in the same manner that they have been commanded.
4. To do it in the best way possible.
5. Restricting oneself to what is lawful while performing those deeds.

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