General Islamic Principles: The Need to Educate Your Wife

As a married man, your wife’s adherence to religious obligations and her education are your responsibility:
After years of marriage, eventually a time comes when most Muslims husbands have no idea how their wives spend their days. It doesn’t bother them to know that their bored wives gossip for hours on the phone, watch excessive movies and television, or waste time doing window shopping, attending ladies’ lunches or tea-parties, or hip-hopping from the mall to the tailor to get new outfits made.
A good Muslim husband is aware that his wife’s secular and religious education is his responsibility. He knows that Allaah will question him about this, so he strives to make sure that his wife gains knowledge of the Qur’an and attends sermons, halaqah’s , seminars or
workshops for gaining knowledge of Islam. He also spends on her secular education, if she wants to pursue a degree.
It is imperative that the husband make his wife fulfill the obligations of Islaam, by using gentle reminders and arranging her education about Islam. He should ensure that she performs the five daily prayers on time, fasts during Ramadan,
pays the zakaah on her gold/silver/money, and wears modest clothing with hijab in front of men.
She should also be taught how to recite the Qur’an properly, and trained in implementing the essential principles of Islamic character-building in the upbringing of her children.
May Allaah assist us all.. (Aameen)
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