Hajj Pillars and Obligations

hajj1Dear readers, our hajj discussion on our blog www.rafeeqee.com/blog has begun. Kindly raise the awareness to your friends and family whether they are going for hajj or not. Learning more about Islam is important to us as Muslims. Jazaakallaahu khayraan.

The Hajj pillars (arkaan):

1. Ihraam.

2. Standing in ‘Arafah.

3. Tawaaf al-ifadah.

4. Sa’y.

Hajj obligatories (waajibaat):

1. Ihraam from meeqaat

2. Standing in ‘Arafah till sunset.

3. Sleeping in Muzdalifah.

4. Sleeping in Mina.

5. Stoning the jamaraat.

6. Shaving or cutting the hair.

7. Tawaaf al-wadaa’ (last tawaf).

Note: – If he misses a waajib, he has to sacrifice a sheep (or 1/7 of a camel or 1/7 of a cow).

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Jazaakumullaahu khayraan

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