Learn What Imam Says Before Slaat(prayer)

Incase you’re not aware of what an Imam says before he starts the salah, below is a list with their translation….

1. Istawoo (استووا): Straighten up (Sahih Muslim)

2. Tarassoo (تراصوا): pack up (Sahih Bukhari)

3. Sawwoo Sufoofakum (سووا صفوفكم): Straighten your rows (Bukhari & Muslim)

4. I’tadiloo (اعتدلوا): Up right (Abu Dawoud, weak Isnaad)

5. Suddul Khalal (سدوا الخلل): bridge the gaps (Ahmad, OK Isnaad)

6. Haathoo Baynal Manaakib (حاذوا بين المناكب): Align shoulders (Abu Dawoud, OK isnaad)

7. Suddul Furaj (سدوا الفرج): Bridge the openings (Ibn Hibban, sound Isnaad)

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