Mentoring to the right path of Islam


Hallima Abdulkareem, Director of Marketing @Rafeeqee Foundation Inc. with 11years of Marketing Experience. Hallima thought briefly at Kipina Nursery School and also worked as a property manager in Aldar properties during her stay in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. She is currently a licensed Realtor in the United State. Hallima bagged her master’s degree in Management Science. Mother of 3 lovely boys.

Passionate about humanitarian service and got attracted to Rafeeqee Foundation Inc. officially in 2013 back in the northern part of Nigeria where I and other volunteers supported teenage girls in after school program in both western and Islamic studies. Rafeeqee Foundation is focused on mentoring upcoming youths into the right fold of Islam and also raise funds to support needy families. The hardship and torture vulnerable children face while trying to survive is traumatizing.  Have always believed in catching them young to build a better Islamic home and so thus an Islamic society and Rafeeqee does just that. 

Being in marketing, I and the rest of the Rafeeqee team Identify, develop, and evaluate marketing strategies, based on objectives and goals, cost and markup factors needed to solicit funds from our amiable donors, from various local masjids, Islamic conventions and bazaar to finance our various projects which has supported the immediate needs of thousands of needy families in both the west, south and northern part of Nigeria and we hope to spread helping hands to the rest of Africa.