Short Reminder for You & Me

Another episode from the Rafeeqee Islamic Mentoring series…Reminder for the heedless & Knowledge for the ignorant

Ahkâm (Legal status according to Islamic law)

There are five kinds of ahkâm.They are:

1) Wâjib (compulsory) example ; As-salawâtul maktuubah (5 daily prayers)

2) Mustahabb (desirable but not compulsory) example ; using siwâk (tooth stick) before ablution/prayer.

3) Muharram (Forbidden) example ; zinâ (adultery)

4) Makrûh (disliked but not forbidden).Example ;entering masjid (mosque) with left foot/leg.

5) Halâl (lawful and allowed).Example ;eating bread.

A muslim should know what is obligatory upon him/her (at all times).Because whoever abandons an obligation intentionally would be purnished! Likewise knowing what is forbidden for him/her too.

The prophet-salallaahu alayhi wasallam-said “what is Lawful is clear & what is unlawful is clear.But between them are doubtful matters which most people don’t know and whoever falls into the doubtful matters has fallen into Harram (forbidden)…” (Al-Bukhâri & Muslim)

So to know the doubtful matters,one needs to be knowledgable so let’s seek knowledge of the deen (religion).

May Allâh grant us better understanding of His deen.And may His peace & blessings be upon the messenger & his household.
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