Khadijah Ahmed

Age: 12years
Full Date of Birth: Grandmother has no idea
Hobbies running
Passion/Dream job To be a medical doctor.
Location:   Katsina
Gender: Female
Language: Hausa
Present Caretaker (If any):Grandmother
Stories: she lost her mother  8yrs ago
and Father 6years ago
Mother died during child birth
3. We’ll need information about :
-How long they’ve been an orphan-  4years
– School Situation presently in Government school and also attends Islamiyyah. She is in primary 4B
– Feeding Situation assessment
– clothing situation assessment
– Housing situation assessment
All the above is from his grandmother.
She is a petty trader (sells tomatoes etc in door) .
4. Needs of the Orphans
Educational support, feeding,  clothing and health support.
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