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We are looking for great articles that offers benefit to our website visitors and readers. The following are wide choice of areas we are keen to publish and share with our readers:

What To Write About 

  1. Islamic articles and literature
  2. Research in the Muslim community
  3. Muslim Youth challenges
  4. Any other relevant issue relation to Muslims

Articles or contents should:

  1. Be between 250-2000 words and written in English language
  2. Can have two external links including one to your website or blog
  3. Be original and not have been published earlier on your blog or elsewhere

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  • What we edit: Grammatical errors, sentence structure and flow.
  • Titles: Our editorial staff may change the title for “catchiness”.
  • Note: Our editorial staff may add to the introduction or conclusion of the article. However, if substantial changes need to be made, the article will be returned to the author for revisions or declined.
  • Approval: if an article is approved it will be scheduled for publication and you will be notified by one of our team members of publication date.
  • Edits required: if we like your article but think it needs to be revised, you will be contacted with a request for edits.
  • Declined: if the submission received does not relate to Islam and productivity, does not make a good fit for our website, or will not benefit our readers, it will be declined.

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