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Forgiveness and Mercy

FORGIVENESS AND MERCY . Have we ever wondered why Allah’s beautiful names started with Mercy: Ar-Rahman (The Most Merciful) and Ar-Raheem (The Most Compassionate)? Also, have we really pondered on why Allah described how forgiving He is with His Four Beautiful names? Al- Gaffar (The Forgiving) Al-Gaffur (The Forgiver) Al-Afuwwu (The Pardoner) Al-Tawwab (The Accepter […]

General Islamic Principle: The Need to say: Astaghfirullah!

Imam Al-Qurtubi wrote in his tafseer: A man complained to Al-Hasan about a drought, and he said to him: “Pray to Allah for forgiveness.” Another man complained to him of poverty and he said to him: “Pray to Allah to forgive you.” Another man said to him: “Pray to Allah to bless me with a […]