The Speaking in Tongues???

I remember the first day I spoke in ‘tongues’ and also perform ‘miracles’ in Benue state. Here is how I did it:
Every sincere Christian knows that none of the modern church goers who speak in tongues understand what they are saying and it is not Biblical at all! What happen on the biblical pentecost was that the apostles spoke their own language and the 16 different tribes present heard them spoke in their own native language. Like someone speaking chinese language to me which i don’t understand but God made me to hear him as if he his speaking my own Yoruba language. This is what happened at pentecost (Acts 2: 1-11). Hence the Biblical ‘tongues’ is a difinite human language and not the nonsense that some people utter with their mouths today. In fact Paul, in his letter to Corinth said that if anyone want to speak in tongue, there must be an interpreter so that people will not regard him as a madman (1st Corinthians 14:11-23). But 99% of those who speak in tongues today neither understand what they are saying nor do they have an interpreter. In fact the modern gibberish tongues started on January 1, 1901, in Topeka, Kansa. And if anybody of our time claims that it is Holy Spirit that made him to be saying those meaningless tongues then we need to cast out the Demond(s) in him/her because it is not apostolic or Biblical. For if it the same Holy spirit who was said to have decended on the Apostles, then the modern speaking in tongues should be a difinite human language and not the ‘shrebodahyfakya’ nonsense that some people say and teach their sincere followers. And Paul even said the apostolic speaking in tongues will end (1st Corinthisans 13:8) and it has ended sine the 2nd century of Christianity. There is no report of any Christian speaking in tongues from the 3rd century upward. There is nothing like the Baptism of the Holy Ghost after the apostolic era (Ephesians 4:5). The only one Baptism that remain for the early Christians is water baptism (Mark 16:16). No much space to continue typing on my phone for now. I hope to continue exposing the lies that some people are perpetrating in the name of God. Please advice them to stop doing what Jesus and his disciples never preach or do! Lest I forget to mention it another time, the first time i spoke in tongue was the day I spoke Yoruba language to my Tiv students in Benue state and one of them who undertand both languages interpretd it to his colleagues and that is Biblical meaning of ‘tongues’ but i am not an apostle…abeg o. To be continued inshaAllaah…
To the Christian readers, plz I mean no harm..

By Lekan Yakub

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Jazaakumullaahu khayraan

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