What Should Be Done Before Leaving For Hajj

hajj1 One of the most important pillars of Islam is hajj. It is a religious duty which is performed by all those Muslims one time in life that fulfills some specific conditions. Hajj is a pilgrimage toward Macca. Before leaving for hajj you should know certain things and you should do those things/actions. You should know about the conditions related to hajj and you should know about the preparation which you should do before leaving for hajj.

1. Conditions for Hajj

Before leaving for Hajj you should clearly know about the conditions for hajj and should look on yourself that whether you are able to perform Hajj or not. These conditions are:-

1.1. The person who is going for Hajj must be Muslim definitely. Faith is very much important.

1.2. He/She should be mature enough that he can understand. Sanity is not permissible.

1.3. He/she should be strong enough that he can afford all the expenses and should provide the enough sources that they can utilize in his/her absence.

1.4. For women it is necessary to go with Mehram.

2. Preparation before leaving for Hajj

Preparation before leaving for hajj is very much important. You should do the best and perfect preparation.

2.1. Spiritual preparation

Before leaving for Hajj the person should be spiritually prepared. This preparation is a key. The person who is going for Hajj he should be prepared to face Allah Almighty and His Prophet (peace be upon him). The person who is going to perform the Hajj should read the books before leaving for Hajj. He/she can ask from religious scholars regarding spiritual preparation. The person who is going for Hajj should ask to Allah for better guidance. You should educate yourself before traveling. You should revise the basics of Islam. Surety about the perfect Wadu and Namaz is very much important so one should not feel sham by asking someone about this. The person who is going for Hajj should know some common vocabulary of Arabic language in order to get rid the problems which faced by the people who are not Arab. You should learn certain duas and keep with you the books of duas.

2.2. Things which you should keep with you before leaving for Hajj

Documents are very much important so keep with you the entire documents which are needed. Always keep with you the photocopies of the documents. It is better for you to know about the policy of the Saudi Government regarding passport.
Before leaving for Hajj choose a travel agent. To choose a perfect agent is very important because if the agent will not be perfect you will face a lot of difficulties.
Always keep with you the currency of your own state along with the currency of Saudi Arabia.
Ihram is very much important cloth. So you should buy ihram. The person feels cool in ihram.
Important medicines should be with you. If you have permanent disease you should keep with you the regular medicines. You should keep with you the pain killers too. When you travel toward the new place you face certain infections so you should keep with you the medicines for infections.
Keep with you the light cloths because Saudi Arabia is a very hot place.
Keep with you a handled fan.
Keep with you the washroom related items.
Keep with you a mini Quran E Pak.

2.3. Meet with friends and relatives before leaving

Before leaving for Hajj you should meet with friends and relatives. You should ask to your friend and relative to forgive you if you have hurt him in any way. If you are angry with some friends or relatives from many years you should go to meet with them even with whole heartedly and for the pleasure of Allah. If your relatives and friends will be angry and you do not try to ask for forgiveness then your Hajj will not be accepted.

So, there are some things which you must do before leaving for Hajj. I have a hope that this preparation before leaving for Hajj will be helpful during Hajj.

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Jazaakumullaahu khayraan

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